Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Lovely Lessons: Do Something Scary

Hello My Lovelies,

I'm back from camping and I just want to say I had an AMAZING time! But we'll come back to that in just a minute. I was visiting one of my new fav blogs, Blackburg Belle, and April had a very touching Vlog where she encouraged each one of us to take a moment to step outside our comfort zone and "Do One Thing That Scares You." So today I'm challenging you to do just that... here's my story.

Today's Lovely Lesson: Do Something Scary

This past weekend was one for the books. As many of you know I went camping and I was beyond excited, what you might not know is that my friend had to back out last minute. I love to have fun but normally my best friend is right there with me or I'm with a group of friends. Having someone I know around me has always been a crutch and although I make new friends easily, breaking the ice has never been one of my fav things to do. In December my best friend moved to STL (an extreme after living no more than 10mins from each other our entire friendship) and I had to make the decision to step outside of my comfort zone and learn how to enjoy doing things on my own or without knowing anyone. Bestie, you know how hard this is for me.

 When my friend had to back out, my first mind was to cancel the trip all together but then I realized I was canceling something I really wanted to do just because I had to do it alone. There was a meet up for all the campers, new and old, so I told myself that I would attend and how I felt would determine if I went or not. People let me tell you... I HAD A BLAST! I quickly met the organizers of the whole trip and told them that not only was this my first time but that I was also coming alone and they quickly put my mind at ease, introduced me to everyone and convinced me to join the early crew that was headed out on Thursday. That evening I went home and packed up all my stuff and arrived at camp Thursday for a weekend that I will always remember.

I see that this post is already getting lengthy but the point is that you never know where your next adventure, moment, memory, smile lies so do something scary and live it up. Step outside of you comfort zone and see what's waiting out there for you. If I had stayed home this weekend I would have never known how much I love camping, missed a chance to go tubing on the river, and never met 20 something new friends.

I extended this challenge to each of you! Do something scary and tell us all about it. Make sure you take a moment to listen to April's Vlog and I promised you'll be moved today.


P.S You're Lovely

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