Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fall is Here

Hello Lovelies.

I hope everyone has been enjoying life as summer has come to an end and Fall is finally here. A lot has been going on lately and I'm so sorry I've neglected the blog but I'm trying my best to whip into shape. So updates first....

Last month P.S. You're Lovely co-hosted an event called Paper & Pearls with Karee of Koby and Kylie Co., a lovely stationery company. The event was a hit and from it came an amazing development. HOUSTON Modern Luxury Magazine reached out and asked to do an article on me and some fellow young jewelry designers! At first, I thought is was going to be a small write up until I was asked to come in a do a photo shoot! Excited much?!?! Anyway the article will come out in November so it's almost here. You know I'll post something as soon as it comes out. Keep an eye out for me.

In other news... is now officially up and running. I wanted to make sure there was a wonderful site up in time for the publishing of the article and I'm happy with the final product...for now at least. I know my "photobug" and the simple ability to be able to change things I need to might mean the site always looks a little different but if that keeps you coming back to check it out then I think my plan is already working.

Lastly, I've got some great stocking-stuffers to take about because we all night December will be here before you know it. Allow me to introduce the Birthstone Necklaces; a simple collection of 16 inch necklaces adorned with 3 birthstone equivalent Swarovski Crystals at the center of each necklace. Look out for each month to be posted on Etsy very soon for your holiday needs or simple shoot me an email at any time. You can check out October's Necklace right now!

I think that's all for now but I hope you'll visit again soon!


P.S. You're Lovely

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