Monday, November 7, 2011

Conquering Fear

Hello Lovelies,

Thank you so much for being so supportive this month. "Megan's Necklace" was created specially for Epilepsy Awareness Month and $5 of each purchase will going to Epilepsy Research. The biggest issue when it comes to Epilepsy is the fear of not knowing what to do if someone with Epilepsy should have a seizure.

 Here's a little list of DO's and DON'Ts from the Mayo Clinic that I think will be very helpful. Knowledge is the first step to conquering that fear.

  1. Gently roll the person onto one side.
  2. Put something soft under his or her head.
  3. Loosen tight neckwear.
  4. Don't try to put your fingers or anything else in the person's mouth. No one has ever "swallowed" his or her tongue during a seizure — it's physically impossible.
  5. Don't try to restrain someone having a seizure.
  6. Don't attempt to rouse the person by shouting at or shaking him or her.
  7. If the person is moving, clear away dangerous objects.
  8. Stay with the person until medical personnel arrive.
  9. Observe the person closely so that you can provide details on what happened.
  10. Time the seizures with your watch.
  11. Keep calm and reassure others nearby.
I want you to really pay attention to #4...for some reason people always say that you are supposed to put a spoon in the person's mouth while they are having a seizure so they don't swallow their tongue and it's WRONG! It is PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE to swallow your tongue so please NEVER put anything in the person's mouth.

Most importantly just stay calm. You are more help when you are calm.

Purchase "Megan's Bracelet" and $5 of each purchase will go to Epilepsy Research. Thank you all so much for supporting the cause.


P.S. You're Lovely

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