Friday, November 4, 2011

What Causes Epilepsy?

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It has been a very interesting day... Megan received some news today and I think we are all unsure about how we feel about it. Are we happy to have an answer? Are we ok with the answer we got? Are we scared of what happens next?

Epilepsy can be caused by many different factors and that's part of what makes it so hard to understand. I found an article from the Epilepsy Therapy Project that I wanted to share with you and then I'll fill you in on Megan.

Many famous people in history had or may have had epilepsy, including world leaders like Julius Caesar, writers like Lewis Carroll who wrote Alice in Wonderland, artists like Vincent van Gogh, and athletes like Chanda Gunn, goaltender for the US Olympic hockey team.
The causes of epilepsy can be divided into two groups: brain injuries and chemical imbalances in the brain. Anything that injures the brain can lead to seizures. But in over half the cases no cause can be identified. 
The type of injury that can lead to a seizure is age‐dependent. Seizures in children often are caused by birth traumas, infections, such as meningitis, congenital abnormalities or high fevers. Seizures in the middle years commonly are caused by head injuries, infections, alcohol, stimulant drugs or medication side effects. In the elderly, brain tumors and strokes cause a higher proportion of seizures. 

So now back to Megan. She called me this morning and told me she just received a call from Mayo Clinic with news of their findings. The findings were...she has a brain tumor. Yep, a brain tumor and it could possible be the cause of her epilepsy and her mystery illness that has consumed the past 6 years of her life. Here's the link to her latest post and the little bit of humor that she tends to find in everything. That's why I love here.

Megan's Post: So....I Have a Brain Tumor AND I'm a Tumor

Just in case you can't see the second post I'll post it below.

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