Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Megan's Latest Update: The Pain

Hey Lovelies,

Another short post. Just wanted to give ya'll the latest link to check in on Megan. Feel free to send her your love and support. She'd really like that.

I don’t think words could do justice to the amount of pain that I’m in right now. And regular pain killers wont do anything to take it away because it’s not joint or nerve or muscle pain. It’s brain tumor pain. A whole ‘nother beast. My whole right side is engulfed in pain. I would get all verbose on ya’ll and use a different word besides pain but I need to emphasize the extent of the pain that I’m feeling. My chest hurts. It hurts when breathe. Lol, but don’t laugh. There is pain when I walk. And I live in a tri-level townhome. I’m the one who cleans and cooks. The house is untidy and we’ve been crock-pot cooking around this mug.  Read More
Send her light and love whenever you think about her.

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