Thursday, January 26, 2012

"Flaws & All" Recap

Hello Lovelies,

This will be a short recap. It was AMAZING! I will never be able to express the amount of joy I felt that day.  Maria and Diana at Beatniks are the most wonderful women in the whole wide world for opening their shop to little ole me. The support Saturday was unheard of and I have tired my best to thank everyone. I put together a little something so you can get the inside view yourself.

Thank you to my mommy for being the amazing person she is (that sums up everything for this weekend), Ahshia for helping me make this connection and pushing me to do this event, Erika for always having the supplies i need lol, Mia and Heather for being an amazing support system and giving me strange medical solutions, my co-workers for supporting the unknown, my Lovely linesisters...what would I do without the Elements of Envy, my gorgeous neo... kiss kiss, and last but not least...that AMAZING FORCE OF SISTERHOOD, Mu Kappa Omega, for coming out of the woodworks to support a young Soror. I see the true spirit of Alpha Kappa Alpha in each one of you. Its too many of ya'll to name but you know who you are! Thank you for the bottom of my heart for supporting me today! I love you all.

Keep your eyes open because there are soo many things coming your way. I promise to post better pics later this week but I had to carry out the theme. Ya'll should know how I am by now.


P.S. You're Lovely

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  1. Congratulations! I'm glad I at least got a chance to meet and hug you! I'm so inspired by you!!