Friday, January 20, 2012

Thank God for Netflix and Youtube

Hello My Lovelies,

So today I spent all day in bed nursing my sickness and I must say I feel a lot better. I have been entertained by cartoons on netflix and terribly funny men on youtube all day long. I would post links to their site but some of the words are as lovely as I would like ya'll to believe I am lol. Tissues and Theraflu have been my survival kit today and are allowing me to make it to Saturday.
I don't know...the pic is just cool.

Still doesn't taste like Rrrrum Punch...

I'm now up cleaning my apartment because mommy is coming in the morning. I can't tell ya'll how much her support means to me. She's the greatest!
My mommy decorating her best friend's Christmas. Yep, its a tradition.
Anyway, I hope I see ya'll this Saturday and just in case you don't want to go back and look for flyer I'm posting it again for you.

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P.S. You're Lovely

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